Surge arrester module 422-SLAVE

Best.-Nr. 020.15437

The SCHNEID surge arrester module 422-SLAVE is plugged into the respective slot of the SCHNEID data socket. The arrester module protects the data interface of the control device against overvoltages as a result of indirect lightning strikes. Please observe the connection instructions for SCHNEID data networks.

Functions and difference to a standard discharge module:

The 422-SLAVE surge arrester module does not establish a connection to the terminal block -controller- on the data socket connection board.
There are separate terminals on the module for connecting the data line.

This module is specially designed to transmit an additional bus system on a data cable.
When using this arrester, the systems cannot interfere with one another.

Application example:
Outbuilding with sub-regulator.
FSS data communication with the PC is operated on segment A.
The sub-communication of the two controllers is connected on segment B or C.
The connection for the SubCOM is now on the arrester module.
If you were to use a -normal- derivation module, there would be a conflict between FSS and SubCOM.

Scope of delivery: SCHNEID surge arrester module 422-SLAVE

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 40x20x26mm

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