Room control module

Best.-Nr. 300.12483

Bus-capable controller module for connecting two SCHNEID heating-circuit modules.
The input module is provided with an own micro-controller. Two SCHNEID standard heating-cricuit modules (not included with the delivery) can be connected to the module. A pump output, a 3-point valve, a SCHNEID remote control and two temperature sensors can be connected to each one of these heating-circuit module. The recorded data are forwarded to the central SPS via a RS485 BUS. The input module can be addressed via encoding switch.

– Supply (24VDC) and data bus (RS485) over a four-pin line
– Bus interface is also possible via flat cables (internally inside the switch cabinet)
– Two heating-circuit modules, optionally suitable for connection
– Mechanic design: bus module in DIN rail tray for assembling the cap rail
– Wiring over detachable plug connection

in addition:
– 1 AIN 0-10V
– 2 PT1000 inputs

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