Ribbon cable adapter 14-pin to 10-pin

Best.-Nr. 030.13540

With the production date from 06/2013 and from batch C ~ 22293, the communication connection on the SCHNEID MR08 module controller is changed from 10 to 14 poles.
The reason for this change is the additional RTS control lines for the interfaces COM-B and C.
This means that the COM-B and C interfaces can be operated at higher speeds. This is necessary if several slave modules are operated via COM-C via an interface card (e.g. Rs485).
There is also a new SCHNEID CM08 communication base module to go with it.
This also has a 14-pin connector.

The use of an existing SCHNEID communication base module CM06 is only possible with the SCHNEID ribbon cable adapter 14-pin to 10-pin.
In this case, the communication works as before without the timing and speed improvement.

Scope of delivery: SCHNEID ribbon cable adapter 14-pin to 10-pin

Dimensions (HxWxD): 23x105x13

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