Plug-in relays for manual control unit

Best.-Nr. 300.14379

Plug-in relays for manual control unit 230VAC, 2-pole, Gold-contacts

Number of contacts: 2 change
Max. Continuous current / max. Inrush A: 6/10
Rated voltage / Maximum switching voltage V AC: 250/400
Max. Load AC1 VA: 1,500
Max. Switching capacity AC15 (230VAC) VA: 300
1-phase motor load, AC3 operation (230VAC) kW: 0,185
Max switching current DC1. 30/110 / 220V A: 6 / 0.2 / 0.12
Min switching load mW (V / mA). 500 (125/10)
Contact material: Ag Ni + Au

Gold-Contacts AgNi+Au
Silver Nickel contact with an electroplated hard gold plating with a
typical thickness of 5 microns. Gold is largely insensitive to indus-
industry atmosphere. In the low switching services there are lower and
more constant contact resistance than other contact materials.

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