Plug-in card module CM-RF2

Best.-Nr. 130.15914

The SCHNEID plug-in card module CM-RF2 is for the
SCHNEID module controller with communication base module suitable.

This module card uses radio technology with a mesh function for data transmission. Each module in a network is connected to one or more others. The information is forwarded from one module to another until it has reached its destination. The modules act as routers and clients at the same time.
With this technology, long ranges can be achieved on the one hand and the network is self-healing and therefore very reliable. If a connection is blocked or has failed, the data is automatically redirected and the network is still operational.
In addition to 128-bit AES encryption, different preambles or network IDs can also be used to set up independent subnets, which do not influence each other.

Scope of delivery: SCHNEID plug-in card module CM-RF2 for radio transmission with adapter cable

Dimensions CM-RF2: (HxWxD) 38x65x10mm
Dimensions adapter cable: 80x10x10mm

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