Plug-in card module CM-PGW BACNET-MS / TP

Best.-Nr. 130.15672

The SCHNEID plug-in card module CM-PGW is only suitable for the SCHNEID communication base module of the module controller series.
With this module card, the control device can be integrated into a BACNET-MS / TP (RS485) data network in a certified manner. The configuration is done with a software tool. 6000 bits are available for the configuration of BacNet data points.

– The CM-PGW plug-in card can be set directly on the computer using a USB cable (Virtual Com Port) ICC Configuration Studio (~ 100MB).
– The module has an interface to the controller (host) and one to the terminals (network).
– The plug-in card can directly transfer the data from the control device or record data via gateway (Modbus, Mbus, Bacnet, Neasys, DMX-512, Siemens FLN, …) and output it again.
– The PGW queries the controller via Modbus with 12 pollings of 100 registers each.
– The PGW has an internal database as a buffer. These can be used to route the values ​​to BACNET.
– A maximum of 240 objects can be designated on the BACNET, but all 8000 bytes can be made directly readable.
– Parameter adjustments can be made via Bacnet to the Modbus.
– The module can be protected (password and locked).
– It´s easy to set.
– The module is always configured offline and updated via download.

Scope of delivery: SCHNEID plug-in card module CM-PGW

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 37x65x8mm

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