MR12 control unit

Best.-Nr. 190.15205

The SCHNEID module controller MR12 is equipped with an analog operating level for easy operation of the most important functions. As an ad
serves a graphic display with 128×64 pixels.
A six-stage switch is available for setting the heating program. A setting potentiometer for normal operation or setback operation is available for fine adjustment of the room temperature.
The rest of the operation and setting of the control unit is carried out digitally via the display using a further six-step switch and three input buttons.

The MR12 offers the option of using internal wireless modules (WiFi, Bluetooth or radio). For communication with end devices such as Tablet, smartphones or to record future wireless sensors
(Outdoor, room sensor or radio FBR).
The interface cards are installed inside the controller (no ComBasis required).
This interface is shared with ComC on the COM basis.
The CPU can select between ComC external and internal.

There are connection options for three further heating circuit modules, an I / O module and a UART interface (COM-D) in the form of RS485 on the basic module controller.
The UART is implemented on the backplane with a 4-pin plug 12V +/- RS485 D + / D- and for the direct connection of an FBR7 or SubCOM without the need for a CM08-COM base.

Scope of delivery: SCHNEID MR12 control unit

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 96x144x57mm

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