GSM router

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The wireless G router for 3G/UMTS broadband from Linksys––three devices in one. Not only the Wireless Access Point is available to you, which enables you to connect the Wireless G (802.11g with 54 Mbits/s) or the Wireless B devices (802.11b with Mbit/s) to the network. Moreover, an integrated full-duplex 10/100 switch provided with 4 ports is available to you for connecting your wired Ethernet devices. Directly cross-link four computers with one another or connect further hubs or switches in order to determine the size totally to our personal needs. In this router function, all advantages are united, thus your entire network will be able to profit from a 3G/UMTS or GPRS Internet connection (Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/UMTS data card required, and separately available). If available, you may also use a standard Ethernet Internet connection, e.g. a cable ot DSL modem.
As soon as your computers with the router and the Internet are connected to one another, they will be able to communicate, and they will be able to use resources such as document files, printer or storage capacities together.
To protect your personal and private data and privacy, the wireless G router for 3G/UMTS broad-band will enable you to encode all wireless LAN transmissions with WEP or common WPA personal encryptions. Moreover, the router can be used as DHCP server, is provided with a powerful SPI firewall for protecting your PCs against accesses from the Internet, and supports the VPN Pass Through. The configuration is made quite easier and user-friendly thanks to the browser-based configuration service programs.
The wireless G router for 3G/UMTS broadband allows you to set up a safe wireless network with Internet connection. You may do so at any location where 3G/UMTS or GPRS is available.

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